Transgender, 2 Spirit, Gender Diverse

Nanaimo Pride has created this directory for our community to help make life a little easier. If you have a service to add or run a queer-owned business please reach out to us

Trans Care BC

Trans Care BC is a BC-wide information service and resource hub. We work to make sure people have the information they need to access gender affirming health care and supports.

Gender Journeys

An all-inclusive community-based support group for individuals who identify at various points along the gender spectrum (e.g. transgender, gender-queer, gender nonconforming). We offer a safe and therapeutic space where members can process their thoughts and feelings about relevant issues associated with gender. The group also aims to facilitate physical, social and emotional impacts of gender transition and to create a space to foster community support and connection. It is a safe meeting place for all trans and gender diverse people who have undergone, or who are interested in accessing, gender-affirming medical care (or alternatives). Whether you are nervous about an upcoming surgery or hormones, want to share your wisdom, or just want to connect with other trans people moving through the medical system — all are welcome. Come meet other folks to chat, share resources and tips, and learn from each other.

For more information regarding group work, please contact: Casey Brisson, Gender Journeys Program Coordinator at or (250) 754-3331 ext. 710

For more information regarding outreach support, please contact: Sarah Cameron, Gender Journeys Outreach Community Support Worker at or (250) 754-3331 ext. 425