Programs & Services

​​Inspiring and empowering all members of the Nanaimo 2SLGBTQ+ Community!

Our Programs

Our programs help to create a safe, supportive space for 2SLGBTQ+ individuals to​​ ​explore issues, feel empowered, get advice from community members and reach their full potential.

Rainbow Flags

Pride Events


Mental Well-being


Education / Training

How Can We Help

Along with your support we can change the conversation.

Mental Health

Eliminating 2SLGBTQ+ health disparities and enhancing efforts to improve 2SLGBTQ+ health are necessary to ensure that 2SLGBTQ+ individuals can lead long, healthy lives. 

HIV Health

AVI Clinic's Positive Wellness Program – provides case management and community outreach for HIV and HCV positive clients.


All-inclusive community-based support groups for individuals who identify at various points along the gender spectrum
(e.g. transgender, gender-queer, gender nonconforming). 

& Training

We recognise the importance of 2SLGBTQ+ education and awareness in everything that we do.  So, we want to roll this out to anyone who wishes to take advantage of it.

Coming Out Process

Coming out happens in different ways and occurs at different ages for different people. We welcome you to ask as many questions as you want, gather as much information as you need, and build a support system.

Pride Events

Volunteers are an essential part of making the magic of Pride happen, and we will continually be looking for volunteers to fill a number of positions throughout the next Pride season.

Around the City

There’s something about arriving in a new city, wandering empty streets with no destination. Visit Nanaimo!
Like you, we’re passionate about experiencing all that Nanaimo has to offer. But now is not the time for inter-community travel; stay in your community and support your local businesses.
Check our our Queer Owned Businesses & Ally Businesses


Cafeteria and Restaurants

Enjoy delicious entrées from local kitchens, seasoned with experience and presented with panache. Our rich heritage has produced the perfect combination of classic techniques with local twists, and nouveau flavours steeped in homegrown ingredients.

Museum and Theatre

Nanaimo Museum offers award winning exhibits, popular meeting and reception spaces and a destination Gift Shop. The Port Theatre Society  stimulates and enhances the artistic, cultural and economic activity of central Vancouver Island.

Parks and Trails

Some of Nanaimo's greatest assets are its public outdoor spaces. With over 880 hectares of City parks and 170 kilometres of trails, there is something for everyone to enjoy and discover.

Arts and Books

Vancouver Island Regional Library, the fifth largest in British Columbia, totals more than 42,0000 and includes a mix of urban, rural, and remote communities that work together to ensure exemplary library services for the community.