Mission Statement
Nanaimo Pride Society’s mission is to empower, celebrate, and promote inclusivity, acceptance, and respect among persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities through advocacy, educational and cultural events, and activities in Nanaimo and surrounding communities; and to provide similar and related services and support as determined by the membership and/or Board of Directors in accordance with the bylaws.


Officially in its 21st year, the Nanaimo Pride Society brings together members of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Two-Spirit community, their friends, family, and allies to celebrate and  empower the beautiful LGBTQ2+ community here in the harbour city. Hosts of  the Annual Nanaimo Pride Week celebrations, the society manages the 3rd largest Pride Parade and Festival in BC, and produces other inclusive events for all ages and all faces from our community. Completely non-profit and powered by volunteers, the society raises funds throughout the year and is supported by strong relationships with community sponsors.


Safer Spaces Directive


“Safer Spaces” represents an ongoing commitment to manage all spaces that the Nanaimo Pride Society (“Society”) occupies, and all events that the Society hosts, in a welcoming, inclusive environment; where all persons are treated equally and respectfully, free from any forms of discrimination, harassment, or identity policing. All persons who enter a Safer Space will commit to doing their part in upholding the Directive at all times.

The Society manages this Directive as a living document, noting that the conditions that designate a particular space as Safer are mutable. This document may be updated as and when required as we learn new information regarding how to make spaces safer for everyone, and as we grow and change with the evolving needs of our community.


This Directive applies to the Society, inclusive of but not limited to, its membership, hosts, guests, volunteers, vendors, organizers, promoters, and performers.


All considerations shall be made so that all persons are able to enter a space designated as a Safer Space…

  • …without feeling uncomfortable, unwelcome, fearful, or challenged in regards to their biological sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, race, ethnicity, cultural background, religion, faith, spirituality, age, or their physical and mental capabilities – whether intentional or otherwise.
  • …and be reasonably free from any and all forms of oppressive behaviours, speech, and actions that may cause grievous harm to a person’s dignity, feelings, self-respect, and perceived or projected identity.
  • …and be reasonably free from any unwanted bodily contact or touching, sexual or otherwise. Consent is clear, communicated, continuous, and consensual.


Safer Spaces are designed to protect the unique needs and circumstances of the LGBTQ2++ community. From time to time, it may become necessary to mediate when a person feels that the described outcomes of the Directive have been egregiously violated. The Society will only mediate disputes arising from Paragraphs 1, 2, and 3, and no one person shall use this Directive in an attempt to shame, remove, or otherwise interfere with, the actions or well-being of another person who has not otherwise acted in violation of the Directive.

In each case where mediation is necessary, a member of the Board of Directors or an authorized representative as chosen by the board will approach the person who has identified a perceived violation (“Petitioner”), and the person who has been identified as a perceived violator (“Respondent”), (Collectively, “The Parties”). A copy of the Safer Spaces Directive will be presented, and the Parties will each have an opportunity to speak with, and come to a mutually beneficial resolution regarding the perceived violation.


  • In the event that a perceived violation is found to be valid and true, the initial remediation serves as a warning to the Respondent, and no other action will be taken.
  • In the event that the Respondent continues to commit the same or other violation without regard for the initial remediation, the Respondent will be asked to leave the premises of their own accord.
  • If the Respondent refuses to vacate the space of their own accord, their removal may be escalated and deferred to on-site security personnel or local law enforcement at the discretion of the member of the Board or authorized representative as appropriate.
  • In the event that a Respondent must be removed from three (3) or more separate spaces on separate days, a Respondent may be asked to cease appearing in spaces that the Society occupies.

Decisions to remove any person from a space are made with the utmost in due care, concern, and caution, and are only made when necessary to ensure that the premises remain a Safer Space for the remaining and incoming occupants.